TheoFit Membership (Annual — $3/mo + Free Books)

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TheoFit Membership (Annual — $3/mo + Free Books)


To become a TheoFit member for the entire year (at a steep discount), click this link to a secure payment portal:

Become a TheoFit Annual Member (click here)

As part of your annual membership, you get (included in Monthly Membership):

  • Access to the private Facebook group and Instagram account in which Paul is highly interactive.
  • The ability to submit questions for the TheoFit Podcast.
  • The ability to join monthly diet and fitness challenges.
  • Free resources and discounts exclusively for TheoFit members.

You also get (not included in Monthly Membership, a $45 value): 

  • Getting Shredded Is Simple: How to Transform Your Body Quickly With Common Sense (eBook, $15 value)
  • Strong: A 4-Week Journal to Develop Physical and Emotional Toughness (75 page eBook, $15 value)
  • One More Time: Why You Always Fail At Fitness, and How To Finally Succeed (coaching album, $15 value)
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