Motivation 007. When You're Insanely Hungry


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Motivation 007. When You're Insanely Hungry

Getting hungry feels a lot like going crazy. That emptiness in your stomach feels like a vacuum sucking your sanity away. You're not even thinking with words anymore. Just images and smells and tasteful imaginings.

You can feel the hunger sizzling in your brain, like acid, eating away at your willpower.

  • "After all, what's life about if you can't even enjoy a donut now and then?"
  • "After all, it would be rude for me not to eat this French toast crumble this nice lady made."
  • "After all, if I'm gonna exercise, I need a few extra carbs."
  • "After all, I'll just eat a little less later."

These voices in your head are lies. They are like a seductress leading you down into the pit of death. Don't you remember the despair you felt when you decided to go on a diet? Don't you remember the helplessness and the self-hatred you felt when you looked at yourself in the mirror?

Do you really want to add one more piece of evidence to your inner demon's case against you? Do you really want to give power and authority to that voice in your head that says, "You don't have any control over your own body. You can't change. You haven't changed. You'll never change."

Now is the moment when you assert your authority over your inner demon. Now is the moment you can look back upon and say, "I did it! I was victorious! I took control of my body, and I took control of my life." This is that moment.

You can't delay this choice. It is upon you now. Will you take control of yourself, or will you surrender to despair? Will your future self remember this moment as one of those character-forging moments in your journey to a better, stronger self? Will this moment be a battle story? Or will this moment be one more in a long string of selectively forgotten moments when you wanted to change, but didn’t?

The moment cannot be delayed. Make the choice now. Write your own story of victory with the blood of agony that only you can shed.

Now Get up, and go get a glass of water. Drink it. Savor that water as the nectar of life. And consider your choice made.