Motivation 006. It's Time To Write Your Origin Story


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Motivation 006. It’s Time To Write Your Origin Story.

I don’t need to remind you what it feels like to be fat and bloated. I don’t need to remind you what shame feels like. You don’t need me to tell you what despair about your body and your health feels like. You don’t need a lesson in what it’s like to feel embarrassed about your body.

I want you to imagine right now two different conversations with yourself. One is with yourself six months from now, and one is with yourself today. First, you need to have an honest moment with your six-month-from-now-self. So, imagine—you’re sitting in front of yourself six-months-from-now. What do you look like? What do you feel like? I don’t know you, and I can already tell you. In six months, you look and feel exactly the way you look and feel right now in this moment.

And what you need to do is be honest about that. And confess it to yourself: “The way you look like this is because for the next six months, I never really tried to make your body any stronger, or healthier, or faster, or better, or more comfortable. I tried to try. Which means I half-assed a fitness program for a couple weeks and gave up. But the reason you are exactly the same as you were six months ago is because I did everything exactly the same.”

Now: it’s time to have an honest moment with yourself right now. You okay with that? You okay stagnating for another six months, literally cutting in half the chances you’ll make any change six months after that? Listen: lots of people are fine with remaining the same. They’re fine suppressing their embarrassment. They love lying to themselves: “No, I love my body. It’s beautiful without qualification. I’m confident. Very confident.” Maybe that’s you.

Or maybe it’s not. Maybe you want to look at yourself six months from now and you want to have questions for your six-months-from-now-self. You want to ask: “How did you get that muscle definition?” “How did you lose that fat?” “What does it feel like to look in the mirror and like it? What’s it like?” And you respond: It’s awesome. It feels great. I have lots of energy with my kids, throughout my day. I feel confident going to the gym. It was really hard at first. I didn’t like it. I felt insecure around all these meatheads at the gym. But I made myself do it, because I knew I wanted to look and feel like this. So I stopped coddling myself, and I pushed it. And when I got discouraged because I didn’t see results fast enough, I kept going.”

Guess what? You’re writing your story right now. Imagine a documentary crew is making a story about your success 6 months from now. What’s that story gonna be? What extreme measures are you gonna take? What crazy level of discipline are you going to reach so that you can write a plot twist in your story? Your six-month-from-now-self is either going to be answering questions like “How did you do it?” or you’re gonna be the one asking someone else that question.

Because I guarantee you: Someone else, right now, is having a moment of clarity. They’re looking at themselves and all the excuses they’ve made and all the odds are against them, and they’re looking at themselves six months from now and they’re having a moment of honesty that will transform their lives and their bodies. People do it every year. People do it every day. That’s why I know it’s possible for you.

It’s time. It doesn’t matter how you slept last night, or if you are disorganized, or if you think you need rest. It’s time to start exercising and eating right every single day. No more excuses. No more blogs. Pick your program. Fall in love with the pain of doing hard things. Fall in love with your process. Obsess over it. Buy it nice things. Have a crush on it. Become the origin story of yourself. Or, remain a faceless, changeless observer in the crowd of your own life.

Choices are the ink that write the story of your life. Which story are you writing? What you choose to do right now will determine the path you choose.