Motivation 005. When You Don't Want to Go to the Gym


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Motivation 005. When You Don't Want to Go to the Gym

It’s time to actually show up. No more prep. No more practice. Showing up to the gym for the first time, or at all, is intimidating. You don’t even want to pull into the parking lot. You cringe when you walk through the door. Your joints are stiff. There are a bunch of knuckle-dragging apes blocking the water fountain. The lights are too bright. All your equipment is always taken. You have a million reasons not to go.

Review your workout — what muscle are you working today? Where will you do your ab workout? Where will you complete your cardio? Would it be better for your phone to be off? I see a ton of people in the gym sitting still, hypnotized by their phones. I promise you, they’re not getting in better shape. Turn the phone off when you’re done reviewing your workout. You can turn it back on when you’re doing cardio if you need it. But treat this like business.

Can the gym suck? Yes. Does it feel like you don’t belong there? Yes. Is it a reminder of how out of shape you are? Yes. Are you going to the gym because you love the pain of exercise? No. You’re going to the gym because you can choose what kind of pain you experience — The pain of working out for an hour a day, or the pain of being out of shape every day for the rest of your life?

Your whole future hangs on today. Your whole future hangs on this moment right now. Will you work out or not? If you don’t, you’re just enforcing your reason not to go tomorrow. Don’t tell yourself, “I can take a day off.” No. A day off easily turns into a week off. And that turns into a life off. That’s what you’ve already been doing. To give up today is to give up forever. To work hard today is to incrementally transform who from a weak person to a strong person.

Everything hangs on your choice right now. You’re not doomed to your fitness level. The screaming voices in your head, “I can’t! I can’t!” are liars. You get to choose whether to believe your self-doubt, or whether to disprove it. If you can get to the gym today, today will serve as scientific evidence for your future self that you can make your body do things it doesn’t want to do. You can choose to be disciplined. Don’t beleive the voice in your head that says you can’t. It wants you to be weak. It wants you to beleive that you can’t really change your body or change your life. It wants you to believe that you will forever be plagued by chaos and disorder and frustration and self-hatred.

It’s time to throat punch that voice. The idea that you are too weak to go is a lie. Get up. Get going. Go to the gym.


Right now.

Because you can.