001. An Introduction To TheoFit


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Podcast 001: An Introduction To TheoFit

Welcome to TheoFit Podcast. My name is Paul Maxwell. I started TheoFit because I got in really good shape in a very short amount of time, and people asked me how I did. I wrote down the principles that I used to get in shape in a book called Getting Shredded Is Simple (get it here on Amazon) — (read the ebook now at TheoFit store), and I made a few videos to explain those principles briefly. TheoFit is the name I gave to this set of principles.

People responded one of two ways: (1) They put those principles into practice and got in great shape, but weren’t sure how to maintain their results. (2) They recognized their need to get in shape, but couldn’t remain consistent long enough to see their desired results.

In both cases, TheoFit was a failure. However, I talked more and more people who said that they’ve tried every kind of diet and exercise program under the sun, but have never been able to see or maintain the results they’ve wanted.

So, even though there are thousands of Instagram bodybuilders and fitness models who clutter the fitness industry by selling diet and workout plans, I realized that there was still a need in the fitness world for something that could help people to go from 0 to 100 — to get them started, keep them going, and help them retain their results. This process requires two things:

  1. A proper understanding of the right way to get in shape (there is one right way and infinite wrong ways)

  2. A proper understanding of how to be disciplined.

Regarding the right way to get in shape, it’s easy to feel mystified by the process since there are so many different programs that have their own success stories and heroes. Crossfit. Bodybuilding. The Atkins Diet. All these programs are invented to get your money so that you think you have to do their program exactly in order to get in shape. So, rather than understand the fundamental principles that explain why people have success in all these different programs, most fitness professionals would rather have a commander-soldier relationship with you in which you merely do what you’re told and bear all responsibility for any failures.

This, in my mind, is a fine way to get someone in shape and take their money, but a terrible way to help people maintain healthy fitness levels for the next 30, 50, 70 years. TheoFit teaches you the fundamental realities behind all the fitness myths that are based on half-truths. When you understand three fundamental principles, you will have clarity, but how to implement these principles raises a whole host of questions. There is a right way to get in shape and there are many wrong ways to get in shape. TheoFit will teach you the right way. Every other method is just a derivation of the principles that TheoFit espouses.

Second, you need self-discipline. If you know how to get in shape, but don’t know how to discipline yourself, you’ll never get in shape. That sounds obvious, but in general, most people I talk to who know the most about fitness are out of shape. They spend most of their time researching and putting a program together, but never put it into practice.

Self-discipline isn’t knowledge. It’s a skill. And you need to learn it. However, it’s important to realize that fitness isn’t just about self-discipline. I know plenty of people who work very hard for a long period of time and see no results — why? Because they weren’t disciplined enough? Because their body type just won’t allow them to get fit? No. It’s because they were following the wrong rules. Someone told them that eating Whole 30 and joining a CrossFit gym would get them in shape. That might work for some people, but it’s a half-truth, and most people who have success in those programs have success for reasons other than what those programs say.

So, a successful fitness program will teach you both the right way to get in shape and how to discipline yourself. Both of these skills — diet and exercise, as well as self-discipline — mutually require one another. If you double down on one and neglect the other, you’ll be left in the same place. But how exactly you implement the principles of these two skills will come down to tailoring them to your own life. A good program will also be an interactive program that helps you to answer your individual questions.

That’s why TheoFit isn’t just a static book or set of videos, but an interactive community committed to implementing these principles in ways that work for different kinds of people. You can join that community for $5 a month or an annual membership that comes will all the books and coaching albums I offer for only $35.

Now you might be thinking, “Paul, you’re a hypocrite. You literally just bashed all these people selling half-truths on other peoples’ insecurity, and now you’re asking for money?” No. I’ve put everything you need to know into a series of articles called CORE SERIES. This set of articles contains workout programs for every fitness level, as well as essential knowledge about how to eat in order to hit your fitness goals, how to discipline yourself, and how to get started on your fitness journey. It’s all free. Everything you need to know about the TheoFit principles of diet, exercise, and discipline, is available for free at www.theo.fit/core.

The membership is for people who want to read the books, listen to the audio coaching albums, and interact with me and other TheoFit members on a private instagram and a private Facebook group. You can become a member at www.theo.fit/membership. And, if you really love the principles and results of TheoFit, you can pick up hoodies, guys and girls workout shirts, and other merch at www.theo.fit/store.

So, this is just an introductory podcast. But I want to close with one final note — You might be in the place where you’re thinking, “I just want to get in shape so I don’t have to think about fitness anymore,” TheoFit is not for you. If you just want to lose a few pounds for a wedding, I’ll tell you what to do: Eat a lot less food for a few weeks and you’ll lose fat. But you already knew that.

TheoFit isn’t about losing a few pounds of fat. TheoFit is built on this fundamental conviction: If you can take control of your body, you can take control of your life. TheoFit is about gaining mastery over your body so that you can conduct yourself with integrity and self-mastery in your quest to build financial capital, build healthy relationships, and keep a clean house. Whatever it is, your body is the most elemental challenge to face, and if you lose the battle with your body’s cravings every day, the rest of your life will probably be in crisis.

TheoFit is about being able to tell your body what to do so that it is as strong as possible and healthy as possible for as long as possible. If you can do that, you can do pretty much anything. So subscribe, or don’t — I’m not here to convince you to be a TheoFit believer. I’m just teaching people who want to take control of and to change their bodies the right way to do it, and the easiest way to do it.

For your sake, I hope to see you around.