000. Control Your Body, Control Your Life.


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Podcast 000: Control Your Body, Control Your Life

I hate waking up at 4am. I hate working out. I hate eating healthy.

But I reached a psychological crisis. I looked at the way I was living, and I looked 10 years down the road and I asked myself: “If I lived today on repeat for 10 years, what would I look like in 10 years? Would I be faster? Stronger? Better? More disciplined? More satisfied? Or would I be slower? Fatter? Blaming my stagnation and lack of discipline on my age?

I realized that’s exactly the road I was on. I was scared of getting older, because my choices were making me weaker. I found myself making more and more excuses for my body, my behavior, my food choices, my fatigue. And I didn’t want that. I want to wake up every day and say, “Today I’m better than yesterday.” Even if I’m just putting in the hours, I’m on the path.

So I wrote down a few basic rules for my life. And I followed them. And I felt better. Then I started TheoFit.

Most people know what they need to do, but they just never follow through. Most people are satisfied with a pat on the back and self-love. I’m not. Fitness is not footnote to life. Fitness is literally my life. Is it because it’s my job? No. It’s because I don’t get a second body. I don’t get to trade this one in for a newer model. I don’t get to refinance this down the road. This is the only one I get, and the only way to take care of it is to push it with exercise and feed it healthy food. Most people don’t ever about that. Are you most people?

Every brand is a promise. TheoFit is a promise to myself to work as smart as I can and as hard as I can on my body and on my life. When I can tell my body what to do when it’s at its limits, that translates into a mental win for me. It changes my entire day. TheoFit is the belief that no matter how long you’ve been neglecting the only body you’re ever gonna get, it’s never too late or too hard or too expensive or too complicated to make a plan and to execute that plan.

I hate waking up at 4am and working out. But honestly, I hate sleeping in more. I hate feeling like a bum. I hate making excuses for why I’m slow and fat. I want to win the morning. I want to win at life. There’s no such thing as “maintaining” your body and your discipline. There’s either getting better or you’re getting worse. I want to be better, not worse. Do you?