The Real Reason You're Not in Shape




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If someone can't summarize how to get in shape in a single sentence, they have no business giving you fitness advice. It means they don't have a system, and it means that whatever they're telling you, they're guessing.

I can tell you how to get in shape in a single sentence.

  • If you want to lose fat, eat less and move more (a "cut").
  • If you want to gain muscle, eat more and lift heavy weights (a "bulk")
  • If you want to look lean and strong, alternate between a bulk and a cut 12 weeks at a time.

It's that simple. But you already knew that (Free detailed workouts here: beginner, advanced, or home bodyweight).

Why You're Not In Shape

I can summarize the big picture of fitness again with a little more specificity:

  • If you want to get in shape, lift weights really hard 45 minutes a day and eat only lean meats and green vegetables

But you shouldn't be impressed by that advice, because you already know those specifics, too. You already know that working out really hard every day and eating only chicken and broccoli will get you in really great shape. Your mom taught you about broccoli when you were 4 years old.

But I can also tell you, in a single sentence, why you've never actually done these things long enough to see results.

  • The reason you're not in shape is that you choose to experience mouth pleasure and couch-lounging over health and vitality.

I know what you're thinking: "No, I'm busy! I have kids/spouse/job/friends/parents who need my time!" So ... why does busyness mean you have to drink milkshakes and eat pizza? Why does busyness mean you can't do a simple home bodyweight routine every day? It doesn't. This is just an excuse that you tell yourself that doesn't actually make any sense. Or, if it does make sense, the answer condemns you: You stress eat. You veg. You burn out. You self-medicate. Again: You choose to experience mouth pleasure and couch-lounging over health and vitality.

Why does busyness mean you have to drink milkshakes and eat pizza? Why does busyness mean you can’t do a simple home bodyweight routine every day? It doesn’t. This is just an excuse that you tell yourself that doesn’t actually make any sense.

And you've probably tried to reverse that choice in the past. You exercised and ate healthy for a day or two — maybe even a week. But it never lasts. You never stick with it. You'd rather give your taste buds an orgasm for a few minutes a day than have your dream body every minute of every day. But you already knew that. 

You've always known it, but you've never really accepted it: You're not in good physical shape because (1) you don't exercise and (2) you eat too much bad food. Those are choices — hard choices, but choices you make.

Now, I'm not shaming you. When we admit these truths to ourselves, it's not "self-hatred." It's self-honesty. And it's the place where every successful fitness journey begins — with admitting that you need to change. 

Every single human being on this earth feels the desire to sit on the couch and eat junk food all day. Admit that you desire it, and that you choose it. You may not be able to change what you want, but you can change what you do. If you think you don't have the power to make that choice, you're lying to yourself in order to avoid feeling guilty about indulging.

That's why self-discipline makes people remarkable — it's the ability to say "No" to the desire to indulge in bad food and laziness. Self-discipline recognizes that the need for self-control is rooted in the human inclination to be weak and fat, instead of strong and lean. Self-disciplined people resist the self-indulgence inside them so that they don't meet an early grave.

How To Change

The difference between self-disciplined people and self-indulgent people is this:

  • Self-disciplined people are willing to admit:
    • "I know I'm lazy and indulgent. That's why I need to work hard."
  • Self-indulgent people say:
    • "I work hard. Therefore, I deserve this indulgence."

Which of these two scripts do you recite every day? Do you take responsibility for your failures and begin making changes? Or do you make excuses for yourself and deny your need for change?

The crazy thing is: It's entirely possible for you to get in amazing shape, no matter where you begin. But that stings, because if it's possible, then it begs the question: "Have you just been making excuses this entire time?" That really hurts to admit. That can be the biggest barrier to fitness — self-hatred for past failure.

But here's what you do with that self-hatred: Leave it in the past.

Today is a new day. Don't cry over spilled milk. If you can take control of your body, you can take control of your entire life. You can take control of your body today if you're willing to admit that the reason you're not in shape is because you've  chosen not to be in good shapeAgain, this is all completely obvious — the way to change is to change. And the more you try to "explain" (or excuse) why you haven't changed, the more likely it is that you'll never change.

Your present fitness level is a direct result of your decisions. The longer you deny that reality, the longer you’ll be chasing a “magic bullet” for fitness and discipline that doesn’t exist.

The moment you can admit to yourself that your body's fitness level is a direct result of your personal choices, the easier self-discipline will be. Bad genetics? Neglectful parents? Stressful life experiences? They may have all contributed to your body's present condition. But if you can read, you can make decisions for yourself. And if you can make decisions for yourself, you have the power to take responsibility for your own body.

You can finally live the life you have told yourself is too far out of reach. You can reach it by reaching within when you realize that your choices are the only reason your body is in its present condition today. Choose now. Get started. Make a plan, and execute that plan.

Choose to begin right now.

I created the CORE SERIES for the sole purpose of creating a runway for your fitness. Feel free to consult other resources, but CORE SERIES is a comprehensive guide that gives you everything you need — from full workout plans to diet knowledge to discipline. Why are you out of shape? Because you have chosen to be. How do you finally change? Start. Right. Now.